Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And How do you Feel About That?

MD is soooo emotional.  Let me explain.  He has a speech delay and as is typical with this problem he gets extremely frustrated when we do not understand what he is trying to say.  He yells and cries out of frustration.   I have tried to "give" him words to use when he is upset like "frustrado" (frustrated), "enojado" (angry), and "triste" (sad).  So far the only when he claims he feels is sad.  I don't know if maybe that's just the only one he can say.  The other day I thought of using these "feeling faces" to help him out.  He really liked them, especially the sad one with a tear.  I am hoping this will help him out as well as expand his emotional development which is an area we really need to work on around here.  I got the feelings faces through a mental health therapist catalogue a long time ago to work with my young clients as most children are not the best at expressing what they feel with words.

I hope to come up with more ways to help him develop in this area.  You would think I would know more right?  But it's somehow more difficult when it's your own child.  How do you deal with your children's emotional outbursts?


  1. Wow! This is a topic I could be talking about for hours! Ym is the same way. The only emotion he claims to feel is "TRISTE" too. But during this "sadness" he could hit/scream/push his big brother. This is hapenning ALL THE TIME. I really don't know what to do about it. I am constantly reminding them the PEACE we need to keep at home...but I myself am beginning to loose it. The same thing is happening to my husband. Any recommendations? Now, who is supporting who here?

  2. Craziness. Well the only thing that seems to help when things are really bad is for me to hold him and ask him how he feels then validate him. That seems to calm him down faster. But the hard thing is I don't always have the patience for this. I'll let you know if something else works in the future.