Sunday, January 17, 2010

It Just Dawned on Me . . .

I recently quit my part-time job as a mental health therapist at a children's outpatient clinic to stay home full time with my two boys.  I also recently started blogging.  All of a sudden after a few "sessions" of teaching my oldest son, playing with him, and then writing about it, it hit me that I am doing the same thing I did at work (kind of):  Of course there are some differences but the idea is basically the same.
1) Play with child and engage him/her
2) Allow child to be himself and feel accepted
3) Allow child to explore surroundings
4) Allow child to explore self  (including feelings and thoughts)
5) Teach child
6) Write Progress Note (BLOG POST) about session/child

Too funny!  I guess I really like my work after all, I'll just be doing it with my boys for a while instead of with other children.  "Doing what I love and loving what I do!"


  1. How fabulous to have found a direct correlation like that, and now to be home spending quality time with your boys! I'm sure they are loving it!

  2. GOD works in mysterious ways!
    DIOS trabaja por sendas misteriosas!
    Hugs from PR