Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sink Sensory Tub

Because I am too lazy to fill up the plastic tub with water and then have to clean it out when MD is finished with it.  We have been using the sink as a sensory water tub and he still gets to play with his bean filled sensory tub and his sandbox outide to have all sorts of sensory exeriences.  Sometimes we add soap to the sink water and sometimes we add food color to make it extra special.


  1. Great post, I will be linking this week. If you don't want to be featured please let me know.

  2. My daughter LOVES playing in the sink too :D I think i will set her up for that while I exercise or tidy up today. Thanks :D

  3. Hi Jojoebi, no problem, that's a great blog you have there with Montessori activities around the blog world, Love it!

    Renee I am glad this post reminded you, it's great when they can keep busy for a little while on their own!