Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Trying to Understand Why We Can't Wear a Sweater in the Summer

I am starting to feel better now and things are getting back to normal in our house.  But we are still taking it easy.  So here is an easy activity . . .

Here is a neat activity that we did this week from Montessori for Everyone.  Classifying types of clothes for different seasons and weather changes. 

I knew I had to pull this one out since MD has been having a difficult time giving up wearing a sweater and it's getting very hot here. MD has difficulty with change and transitions very slowly so when the weather was sunny and cool I was okay with him wearing the sweater. But now that it is 90 degrees and he is visibly hot I have been objecting and explaining to him why a sweater is not necessary.  But he doesn't like to hear it.  So I think doing this activity is also helpful so we'll be working on it for a while.

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