Thursday, June 24, 2010

Window Painting

I made MD some window paint using tempera paint, liquid dish soap, and water.  I got this simple recipe from the Super Baby Food Bood by Ruth Yaron, which has a lot of good ideas for fun activities with kids.  However, the book said it's supposed to come off easily after wiping with a dry paper towel and this is not true.  So I need to look for a better recipe, but this was a fun experience for my boy.


  1. Oh no! I was thinking about doing this with my littles soon. How did you get it off?

  2. When we did our Window Painting, I cleaned it off before it dried because I figured it might be too hard to get off when it dried :)

  3. Nicole, I got it off with lots of water, it wasn't that bad but I just wasn't prepared. I thought I would be able to simply wipe it off like the book said but it took some scrubbing and a lot of water to get all the soap out, maybe my dish soap was concentrated.
    Artsy Momma, I didn't let it fully dry either thinking it be easier to remove wet, but again it was maybe too much soap. I prefer art projects with easy clean up!