Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shaving Cream Fun and a Confession....

MD is now loving doing sensory activities like mixing colors in this shaving cream.  His speech is also coming along really well and makes life a lot easier.  What doesn't make life any easier?  An extremely active and curious soon to be 10 month old.  SE will be 10 months old this week and for the last month or so life has been turning upside down around here.  We used to have our Art and Learning time in the morning after breakfast.  Now this schedule is impossible because SE will not stay put for one minute.  He is all over everything he sees including MD's art projects in progress and or educational material, and constantly interrupts any type of structured activity I may have for MD.  So now we mostly all play together at that time instead which makes great memories but little to post about.  Sometimes when SE naps for a descent length of time, I'll get a chance to work with MD or give him an art activity.  Those are good days.  Because usually all I get to do while SE naps, is make MD lunch, eat lunch, and clean up a bit.  Then SE wakes up and it's back to watching him constantly.  He will not for any reason stay anymore than 2-3 minutes in a Pack-N-Play without yelling his little head off . . . . so he's all over the house exploring, tasting, and destroying.  This is my life for now.  This is why posts have gotten few and far between.  That's all folks :)


  1. Oh, I totally relate! J-jo (11 months) is into ALL of Bear's stuff and determined he can follow along her Montessori lessons by putting every item in his mouth! It's exhausting and frustrating and makes me forget to just revel in him, which I did all weekend as we were away at the beach. So maybe I need to just relax on the preschool stuff with Bear and enjoy both of them together more.

  2. Definately, thanks for stopping by. I also feel sometimes that I am not enjoying my little one enough, but I think I've pretty much given up on trying to keep a clean house and constant educational and creative activities. The little ones demand attention and time too and they deserve it!

  3. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I have given you The Versatile Blogger Award because I think that you have a great blog.

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  4. I can relate! For a very long time I did not play board games with my oldest because of my youngest. She would just destroy the game every time. And when she napped i wanted a break!

  5. I don't think you're alone in the chasing after a toddler craziness! Clara can be a real handful sometimes ... er... make that most of the time, but she tries hard to keep up with her big sister, so I try to let her do similar learning activities at the same time. She still manages to get into stuff, though! Drives me nuts!

  6. Oh I know how you feel. When I was trying to work with Tabitha last year when Amelia was younger and so demanding I didn't get much done. Then Amelia got interested in coloring while we were working. Now I work with both of them together. Of course, now we have Hannah who is only 3 months old. As of right now I am very fortunate that she is not as demanding as Amelia was and she will take a decent length nap. However, I am not sure how things will be when she is mobile.
    We just worked with shaving cream and color mixing last week, boy it got messy, but the girls had fun (even my 13 year old wanted to join in)
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