About Me

This is the best time of my life.  I am a mom to two boys, one 3 year old and one baby and a wife to a wonderful and kind man.  I am in the mental health field and I love children.  I enjoy helping people and children heal emotionally and being there to listen.  I also love to have fun with children.  I think I was a preschool teacher in a past life.  I also have always loved art and doing crafts.  I minored in art in college and love to paint and draw.  I am fascinated with the Montessori method of teaching children.  I have recently developed an interest in natural products especially homemade natural beauty products and have made several that I love.  I recently quit my paid employment to stay at home and get paid for my work at home in slobbery baby kisses and preschooler hugs.  It's worth it.

I was raised in a Spanish-speaking home by immigrant parents who dreamed of a better life for their children.  This is my better life and I am thankful.  I dream of an even better life for my children.  I hope to instill a lifelong love of learning and love of art by starting at home while my children are still little.
I hope that one day they can look back and treausre our memories together while they live their own better life.