Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apples to Numbers

I showed MD how to place the correct number of apples on each number and count them.
Then I allowed him to do it himself. 

The concept of  zero was a little difficult, as expected.  He did one through 3 very well.  Then he had difficulty with number four because he kept wanting to give one of the apples from number four to the zero. 

Overall this was a fun use of my kitchen decorations!


  1. Hi Gaby,
    I thought I would send you the link to one of my posts about the "ZERO" activity.
    The children loved it...
    Maybe it will be helpful for you!
    Have a lovely day.

  2. Just checked out your zero activity, it's a great idea! I think we'll be trying it soon.

  3. Very creative use of your kitchen decorations!!

  4. What a fun idea! We might try this one :)

  5. Hi Gaby, Thanks for stopping by my blog, was glad to see you visited. Just wanted to say I was thinking of an activity that we used to do with the toddlers at the Montessori where I worked. I am starting to get the activity ready for my own little ones. We had the numbers 1-5, but I am going to include zero and that is why I thought of commenting here. We used numerals we cut out and laminated (they were probably 10 inches high). Then we attached the correct number of velcro dots to each numeral. They had a basket of seasonal cutouts (like snowmen for winter) which also had the velcro on the back) and they attached them to the numerals. Obviously they will be able to see the zero has no cutouts. I have done lots of counting activities with the girls (one to one corresponding) there are some on my blog. Just check out the "counting" label.

  6. What a fun idea! Just goes to show there are lots of every day items that can be used for school activities. Thinking creatively (such as you do) is the key! :)