Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Final(ly) Cut

All those Montessori tonging exercises are starting to pay off.  MD starting cutting late last week.  He finally learned how to do it.  For several months I had attempted to teach him how to hold the scissors but he refused to do it how I showed him and kept trying to hold them like pruning shears (he is very stubborn or as I like to see it, persistent).  Obviously that was not successful since he could not cut anything like that and he would give up quickly and loose interest.  But last week he finally tried it "my" way and since then he's been wanting to cut things everyday.  Over the weekend I stocked up on paint chips from the hardware store because they are thick and small and perfect for him to cut easily.  He's also been trying to experiment cutting on different surfaces like a chair before I had the chance to catch him and redirect him.  Shortly after that he also cut the edge of his shirt.  This is what happens when I look away for a minute.   

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