Friday, February 19, 2010

Homemade Rattles

Here are some homemade baby rattles.  One made out of an empty and washed plastic spice jar and the other made out of a breast milk storage container that I recieved as a sample from the hospital.  The spice container has plastic beads, googly eyes, pompoms, and pipe cleaners.  The other has colored rice.  Both were sealed with a glue gun.  I'm a little scared SE will somehow pull open the rice one so I only rattle it for him from a distance.  I have tried pulling it apart myself and it seems to be a very tight seal, but you can never be too careful with babies. 


  1. I just thought I would share with you that empty pill bottles work great as sound jars! they have childproof lids so you dont have to worry about them opening :0)