Thursday, February 18, 2010

Zeros to Heroes

This was another fun learning activity for one to one correspondence.  First we talked about zero again and practiced clapping, 2 times, 0 times, etc. thanks to Montessori Moments for the idea.  MD is really getting the hang this now and he especially enjoyed using the firemen as counters. 

After this we also played around a little and counted the chocolate chips on the chocolate chip cookies I made out of construction paper which have the number symbol written on the back.  These quick cutouts were inspired by the wonderful and cute felt food counting cookies at Counting Coconuts which would have been much nicer to have around. 


  1. Gaby,
    I'm so glad that you found the "zero activity" from my blog helpful!

    I LOVE the fireman counters! How cute is that!

  2. Great idea to use his little men for counting! I also like that you use a mat to give him a defined work space. Our activities end up scattered everywhere and it gets a little frustrating.