Thursday, February 25, 2010


MD loves doing puzzles.  He used to do the 18 or 24 peice wooden puzzles since he was 2 but he lost interest in them recently.  I have been buying him some larger size floor puzzles (24 or 48 pieces) and he has been getting busy with these floor puzzles now.  However, I was a bit dissapointed with this Melissa and Doug Continents puzzle because it is difficult even for me to complete since the pieces do not interlock.  The are cut smooth and just kind of sit next to each other and move very easily.  So every time MD wanted to do this one his father or I would have to help him.  Recently, MD pulled out the puzzle while I was busy and I told him to get another one because I figured he would ask for help.  He stood his ground that he wanted that puzzle so I let him get it out and expected he would just give up or be calling me for help.  When I finished what I was doing I walked back in to check on him and I found that he had completed the puzzle all by himself!  That was a great surprise since this puzzle is a bit difficult for me (embarassed to admit) because I have to think about where each continent goes and then figure out where each weird shaped piece goes.  It's hard to expain this puzzle unless you have it, the pieces just don't connect to each other, but somehow he did it and I am so proud.


  1. I actually like these puzzles. They add a nice level of difficulty. We have the United States one. It makes them have to look at the box to figure out where they go and they really pay attention to which piece goes where. The US puzzle pieces are all of the separate states except for some of the North East states. I wish they would ALL have been separate.
    Here is a post on the US puzzle.

  2. Thanks for the link Gigi I am thinking of getting the U.S. one for him soon.