Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sandpaper Letters

Our first attempt at tracing a couple of letters and making the letter sound. 

On an other occasion, MD practiced matching lower case to uppercase letters with the sandpaper letters.  It's still a bit difficult for him because so many lowercase letters look the same if you turn them around like, p, b, d, u, n, etc.  He's starting to get it though. 


  1. I like the sweet picture of your son's hand tracing the letter I. How old is MD? I like the high contrast of your sandpaper letters and the dot on the bottom corner of the lowercase letters. Where did you buy them?

  2. hello hikingmama, thanks for visiting! MD just turned 3 last month. I got these sandpaper letters at They are the Tactile Letters Kit and are very inexpensive. They look black and blue in the picture on amazon but look much better in person with the white sandpaper.

  3. Hi Gaby! It might help if you start with the vowels first, maybe 3-4 per week. You could check with Gigi or Karen. I'm sure they could tell you more info on this. Good luck!